Quintrex 420 Explorer

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420 Explorer By Quintrex

Measuring 4.49m with a 1.88m beam the 420 Explorer tinnie from Quintrex is one of the most versatile boats in the Explorer range. It is large enough to fish your favourite estuary, river, and creeks but light enough to be equipped as a tender with all four people on board.

Weighing 132kg and with a maximum horsepower rating of 40hp, this Explorer will also get you to your destination in quick time, and with 2mm bottom sides, and with the legendary Fighter Series hull, it is also a durable and stable rig. 

The Explorer V-nose punt is a popular model in the Quinnie range because of its unique forked-shaped bow design creates more room in the casting platform area and which provides exceptional stability at rest, but is also equipped for choppy water providing a smooth and dry ride while underway.

The 420 Explorer is fitted with bench seats, side rails, transom handles, and an anchor gusset. The glovebox will stow your phone and essentials and the bow rails and bow handle make the whole package comfortable.

The Explorer range of tinnies from Quintrex has a reputation as hard-wearing versatile fishing rigs ready to take you on your next adventure.

You also have the choice to add a casting platform and side pockets and rod holders if you want a dedicated fishing platform. The 390 Explorer is perhaps the perfect package to take advantage of what the Explorer tinnie range from Quintrex has to offer.


Quintrex 420 Explorer Summary:

  • A versatile fishing boat and a tinnie for the family as well
  • Features the Quintrex Fighter series hull
  • Great 1.88m beamwidth
  • Constructed with 2mm bottom sides making this Explorer a table and a durable rig. 
  • Boat weight of 132kg and power rated up to 40hp
  • Plenty of storage for your fishing gear
  • Fitted with transom handles, bow handle, side rails, and an anchor gusset
  • Optional additions include side pockets, rod holders, and a glovebox


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