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Trailer stock clearance
Year Model VIN Description RETAIL SALE
2023 TALL749S13 6HWBOATRLPC920592 749ATM Unbraked - Suits alloy boat around 3.9m $3,579.00 $3,200
2022 TEL900S138 6HWBOATRLNC909951 900ATM Braked - Suits alloy boat around 4.4m $4,822.00 $3,800
2023 TEL1100B13 6HWBOATRLPC916999 1100ATM Braked - Suits alloy boat around 4.8m $5,291.45 $5,000
2020 TEL1595B14 6HWBOATRLLC890785 1595ATM Braked - Suits alloy boat around 5.4m $8,621.70 $5,500
2021 TEL1595B14 6HWBOATRLMC902439 1595ATM Braked - Suits alloy boat around 5.4m $8,621.70 $5,500
2021 TEL1400B13 6HWBOATRLMC900181 1400 ATM Braked - Suits alloy boat around 5m $8,356.00 $5,500
2021 TEL1400B13 6HWBOATRLMC900756 1400 ATM Braked - Suits alloy boat around 5m $8,356.00 $5,500
2023 TEL1850B13TA 6HWBOATRLPC915474 1850ATM Braked Tandem - Suits alloy boat around 5.6m $11,513.00 $10,900

Service your MinnKota at Brisbane Yamaha!

Brisbane Yamaha is an Authorised MinnKota Service Centre with trained and experienced MinnKota technicians ready to care for your MinnKota. We carry service related parts in stock so we can service your MinnKota on the same day as we service your outboard.
  • Service parts always in stock
  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • Preventative service and repairs
  • Service your MinnKota at the same time as your outboard
Your MinnKota Electric Motor should be serviced regularly! Think about it, you probably use your MinnKota more than your outboard. You spend more time fishing(using your MinnKota) than you do travelling. If you ever get fishing line or debris around the propeller of your MinnKota, there is a high risk of damaging the seal which can lead to extensive damage to internal components, so you should promptly book your MinnKota in for a service.

Brisbane Yamaha the home of Yamaha Outboards, Quintrex, Yellowfin, Haines Hunter, Evolution, Polycraft, and more!

We have the full range of Australia’s best boating brands all available at one location!

And that’s why we’re Brisbane’s largest dealer of new and used boats. We are Australia’s largest dealer of Quintrex aluminium, Yellowfin Plate Boats, Haines Hunter and Evolution Fibreglass boats, and more. Brisbane Yamaha sells more outboards than anyone else in Australia and is also the leading authorised Yamaha outboard service centre. Our fully equipped workshop can service any brand of outboard, and our in house trim shop manufactures Australian made canopies and covers on site.

We have hundreds of boats on display on our 2 acre site and great value packages from Quintrex, Yellowfin, Haines Hunter, Evolution, and Polycraft, all with Yamaha Outboards. We also have a large range of quality workshop tested used boats.

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