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Yamaha Outboards 100 hp – 350 hp (Four Stroke)

Brisbane Yamaha has the full range of Yamaha top of the range 4-stroke outboards for sale from 100hp to 350hp. Here is a range that offers big power, proven reliability and maximum fuel economy and includes the class-leading F115XB and F150XA horsepower outboards.

The ever popular F115XB and F150XA horsepower models, are a favourite outboard for repowering older boats. Like all the Yamaha four stroke outboards in this category, the F115XB and F150XA are known for their smooth, trouble-free operation. They provide clean running, outstanding fuel efficiency, quiet operation and bucket loads of power. The F115 and F150 feature an in-line four-cylinder configuration with a Double Overhead Camshaft and four valves on each cylinder for a smooth exchange of fuel intake and exhaust for more power. And when it comes to quiet, powerful and reliable performance, nothing beats the F150. The solid combination of power and performance makes it incredibly versatile, which is probably why it’s been a Yamaha best-seller for years.

Brisbane Yamaha also has the full range of next generation Yamaha Offshore outboards on display and in stock with on sale prices. The latest V6 Offshore four-stroke outboards, include the F225XCA, F250XCA and F300XCA outboard models which have the largest cubic capacity and the lightest weight of any competitive four-stroke outboard in this outboard category. This makes the F225XCA, F250XCA and F300XCA highly evolved and perfectly adapted to the offshore marine environment.

With their big bore 4.2 litre displacement, these engines are exceptionally powerful. Their big capacity has been matched with Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing system that dramatically increases power and throttle response at low and mid-range RPM. This allows Yamaha’s new 4.2 litre big-bore V6 Offshore Outboards to deliver awesome out of the hole performance and mid-range acceleration you have to feel to believe.

Prices do not include fitting or accessories where applicable.

It is a Yamaha Australia stipulation that all Yamaha Outboards be fitted and personally delivered by the selling Yamaha outboard dealership.