Yamaha Outboard Motor Prices / Sales

4 Stroke
Yamaha Outboards 2.5 – 20hp (4 Stroke)
Yamaha Outboards 25 – 80hp (4 Stroke)
Yamaha Outboards 100 – 350hp (4 Stroke)
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We have our Yamaha Outboard prices online. You won’t find cheaper Yamaha outboard motors for sale in any other Brisbane Marine Dealership! We buy Yamaha outboards in bulk and pass on the savings to you. With over 300 outboards in stock, we sell almost 1000 outboards each year, so we always have cheap outboards for sale and on special to make space for new stock.

Prices do not include fitting or accessories where applicable.

It is a Yamaha Australia stipulation that all Yamaha Outboards be fitted and personally delivered by the selling Yamaha outboard dealership.

Brisbane Yamaha has also introduced a new 6-year or 600 hour extended warranty on all four-stroke outboards sold by the dealership. This is in addition to factory-backed warranty provided by Yamaha Australia on all four-stroke outboards.

For the most up to date information and specification on Yamaha Outboard Models, visit our Yamaha Dealer Portal website.

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