Quintrex 370 Explorer

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For boatie adventurers that need a little more room to move, the 370 Explorer is designed to fit comfortably atop most utes. Measuring 3.75m in length with a 1.5m beam the 370 Explorer tinnie features a one-piece external Solid T Keel for extra durability when loading and the Eclipse Hull allows for a comfortable and enjoyable day out on the water.

The Eclipse hull combines the stability of a traditional V-nosed punt but with the handling of a V-shaped hull while underway and in choppy waters. It’s V-nose design allows the wide beam to be brought forward to the bow which allows for extra stability and helps to disperse choppy water.

Rated to 20hp, the 370 weighs 81kg and has a 60kg motor weight. Available as a transom long shaft, this legendary Quinnie is rated for three people, while the short shaft configuration is rated to two people.

Fitted with bench seats, front deck, anchor gusset, and solid corners, the 370 Explorer is the perfect little rig for freshwater and creek fishermen who are looking for a durable and hassle-free tinnie. Other features include transom handles, rowlock blocks, bow handles and glovebox.

The 370 Explorer is true-blue Aussie, ready to share on the road adventures with you for years to come.