Quintrex 350 Outback Explorer

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F350 Outback Explorer by Quintrex

Whether its fishing, exploring, or cruising with your kids, the Outback Explorer range from Quintrex will be on the top of your wish list. The F350 long shaft Outback Explorer is the smallest in the Outback Explorer tinnie range and at 81kg, is light enough to be used on all your on-road boating adventures as a car-topper.

Measuring 3.61m with a 1.58m beam, the F350 has been redesigned from the well-known Explorer of old with the F-Series bow to create more internal space and a bigger beam but most importantly has an increased freeboard. This means it provides excellent stability while the increased deadrise provides a softer ride while underway.

The F350 Outback Explorer from Quintrex is rated to a maximum of 15hp and can comfortably carry three people.

Standard features include bench seats, front deck, transom handles, rowlock blocks, anchor gusset, and solid corners. Also included is a glovebox to keep your personal items safe and dry.

If you’re ready to take your fishing adventures on the road, or just want to get out and start exploring the fishing opportunities in your local creeks and rivers, the F350 Outback Explorer has you covered.


Quintrex F350 Outback Explorer Summary:

  • Perfect boat for fishing, exploring, or cruising with the kids
  • Weight of 81kg making it light enough to be used as a car-topper.
  • Power rated to a maximum of 15hp and can comfortably carry three people
  • Solid construction with solid corners and an anchor gusset
  • Handy features like a front deck, bench seats, and transom handles


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