Yellowfin Centre Console – 7600

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The largest of our centre/rear console range, the Yellowfin 7600 Centre/Rear Console is a boat to be reckoned with and should be considered the most hardcore style of fishing boat money can buy.

Further increasing the versatility and comfort of the boat is a strike chair behing the Centre/Rear Console which is wide enough for two passengers and can quickly be reversed with two release pins to be utilised while fishing or rigging equipment. When reversed there is easy access to the baitboard and tackle boxes creating a comfortable and functional rigging station which means you will get your line back in the water quicker and land the fish of your dreams.

Fisherman who own a boat of this calibre know that they can be driving one minute and fishing the next, espeically considering the open layout, unobstructed views, and space for a lot of electronics to have a true grasp of the environment.