Yellowfin Centre Console – 7000

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At this size the Centre/Rear Console layout starts to get serious. The Yellowfin 7000 Centre/Rear Console boasts more fishing space than any other layout of boat and enough space to bring along a lot of gear which can be stored out of the way in a safe, convienient location, so you don't have to worry about your footing when you're reeling in that trophy fish.

Built tough with premium materials, the console is strong enough to support a T-Top for a bit of added shelter, and is ideal for storing fishing rods out of the way.

The 7000 and 7600 can be optioned up to the Mega Console which is fabricated out of aluminium. The folding console is quiet large and has a great height at 220cm high and features 6 rod holders, space for a 16 inch sounder, and plenty of room for a radio or other accessories on the dash.