Quintrex Yellowfin 7000 Southerner Hardtop

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The Yellowfin range is packed with all the fishing features you will need for the ultimate offshore adventure.

For fishing duties the Southerner HT plate boat  is fitted with everything you need including a livebait tank with viewing window, 16 rod holders and Reel Easy Folding Rod Holders, rocket launcher, bait board and the auto self draining deck for piece of mind.

The Hardtop features hardened glass windscreen with sliding side windows and windscreen wipers and the cabin has a hatch.

The Yellowfin 7000 Southerner uses a heavy duty plate deep-V variable deadrise hull ensuring it can tackle the toughest consitions and easily manoeuvres through swell giving a soft and stable ride.

The 7000 Southerner is constructed with 6mm bottomsheets which are locked together with marine core construction which hundreds of skippers attest gives a predictable, soft and safe ride in unpredictable conditions.

Others standard features include VHF Marine radio, transom door, long range underfloor fueltank and unpainted gunwales and transom duckboard.

The Southerner also includes a catch and release mechanism which makes launching and retrieving at the ramp a breeze. The only thing left to do is plan your trip and start building some amazing family memories on your legendary Yellowfin 7000 Southerner Hardtop.