Quintrex 690 Trident Hard Top

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This Trident 690 is king of the ocean and is already a classic plate fishing rig for amongst serious anglers. That is because it has been tried and tested in rough conditions and so many fishermen report back that it performs every time.

Measuring just over 7m, the largest in the Trident range is made with the Quintrex blade hull with flared bow with 5mm bottom sheets and transom.

This legendary hull has a deep-V at the bow which cuts through choppy water and also deflects spray further down so it also provides a very dry and smooth ride.

The 690 Hardtop also features the harsdop cabin with windscreen to keep you protected from the elements which you really learn to appreciate when you’re heading home with a bin full of fish in messy water. It also has a walk-through hatch to access the bow and anchorwell.

This Trident is fitted with a 200lt underfloor fueltank and is rated to 250hp, while the 135lt killtank, livebait tank, cutting board with rod holders and outrigger mounting plate are standard on all models.

The Quintrex Trident 690 Hardtop rules the open waters for a reason. It was built for purpose and it was built to last. It’s a Quinnie after all, it’s what they do.