Quintrex 650 Trident Hard Top

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The Quintrex 650 Trident Hardtop is your ticket to offshore fishing adventures in rain, hail, or shine. The Hardtop features a laminated hardened glass windscreen with sliding windows, while the Trident plate hull itself, with 5mm bottom sheets, is built tough for anything you can throw at it.

The Trident 650 is one of those boats that will looked at with envy at the boat ramp, and will create so many fishing memories for you and your family that will live on for generations.

Trident Plate Boats are Quintrex’s first range of fishing boats that are built on the famous Blade Hull with Flared bow made from 5mm plate bottom sheets. It has a deep-V entry at the bow which is made to cut cleanly through choppy seas and delivers a dry and stable ride while underway.

The 650 Trident is ideal for long range offshore fishing with a 160lt fuel tank, self-draining treadplate floor and all the adds-on you’d like to see a dedicated fishing rig.

Features such as four welded rod holders, non-return scupper drainage system, outrigger mounting plates and alloy cutting board and twin batteries and box with isolation switch are standard.

There is also a livebait tank with viewing window in the rear deck, a 135lt killtank for keeping the bait fresh and ready to go.

The 650 Trident Hardtop is all-round fishing boat for serious anglers ready to get out on the water and bring home the fish.