Quintrex 610 Trident Plate Boat

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The 610 Trident is already a Quintrex classic. The smallest in the range of offshore fishing models, the 610 cabin boat uses the Blade Hull and is constructed from tough 5mm plate bottom sheets ready to handle any conditions.

With a length of 6.34m and a 2.46m beam, the 610 offers the softest driest ride because of the Blade hull and flared bow.

Available as a Softtop or Hardtop model standard features on the 610 include self-draining treadplate floor, twin batteries and isolation switch, large aluminium side pockets, four welded rod holders, non-return scupper drainage system and VHF marine radio, alloy rocket launcher, outrigger mounting plates and plumbed livebait tank at the rear – basically everything you need for open water fishing adventures.

The 610 Trident is rated for seven of you mates and has a horsepower rating of 175hp. It is equipped with a long range 160lt underfloor fueltank, running lengthways to aid stability, which will get you to the hotspot and home again with the killtank full with the day’s catch.

Built to handle the unpredictable conditions of offshore water, and fully kitted out for saltwater fishing duties, with a Quintrex dual-axle braked trailer, it is no wonder the 610 Trident has built its reputation as a tough capable rig.