Quintrex 570 Renegade SC

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The largest in the Renegade aluminium fishing boat range from Quintrex, the 570 Side Console is a serious fishing rig with serious grunt.

With a maximum power rating of 140hp, and 3mm topsides and 4mm bottomsides there are plenty of reasons why so many 570 Renegades are put on the water as workboats.

Measuring 6.07m overall with a 2.25 beam the 530 side console like all Renegade models has the aluminium Blade hull built for the smoothest, softest and driest ride of any aluminium boat on the market, even with six people on board. The 570 SC features extruded side decks and smooth topsides.

The 570 comes as standard with a front casting platform with storage underneath and live plumbed livebait tank, moulded anchorwell and bow mount are all standard features.

This Renegade comes standard with three folding pedestal seats and four seat positions marine battery with isolation switch, carpeted floor, four rodholders, two sidepockets for easy storage and

All Renegade models comes as standard with an aluminium trailer, an accessory kit which includes white light, navigation lights and bilge pump.

The 570 SC also comes with the Renegade offshore motorwell, combined with the Blade hull, wide beam and heaps of storage, the Renegade 570 SC is a fuss-free offshore fishing rig.