Quintrex 570 Renegade CC

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Qunitrex 570 Renegade Centre Console

Owning a 570 Renegade Centre Console will find you more friends than you need, that's for sure. The big boy of the Renegade range, this aluminium centre console from Quintrex is a spacious, no-fuss fishing rig that is ready to get out there for your reef adventures.

With a rear casting platform and live bait tank and 130hp rating it will get you anywhere you need to be on the water fast!

It has lots of features for the perfect fishing trip with your mates such as the carpeted floor, four stainless rod holders, side pockets for your gear and not to mention the front casting platform with underfloor storage large enough for all your tackle and your bevies. The rear platform has a live bait tank and marine battery.

Measuring 5.95m and featuring the legendary Quintrex Blade hull with the flared hull, this 570 hull has tough 4mm bottom sheets and a compact centre console layout. The 570 Renegade will deliver every day a dry and comfortable ride and is perhaps the perfect boat for both inshore and offshore fishing.

Are you ready for the ultimate fishing trip? The 570 Renegade Centre Console is ready for you and a few of your fishing mates.


570 Renegade CC Summary:

  • 4mm plate bottom
  • Compact centre console
  • Carpeted floor
  • Side pockets for extra storage
  • Front casting platform
  • Live bait tank
  • Marine battery to support all of your electronics