Quintrex 550 Frontier SC

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You can ring your Mum while you’re out on the water and tell her, you’ll be home on time for roast dinner. That’s because you’re out in your 550 Frontier with the Apex hull delivering you a safe, dry and capable ride.

The Apex hull has wider chines to improve stability and grip when cornering. Based on the Top Ender success, Quintrex has created the Apex hull particularly for fishermen who will take the 550 into rough offshore conditions and need and soft-riding and stable rig that will perform every time.

The side console configuration on this 550 Frontier is designed to give heaps of room in the cockpit which is what you want when you have a family of six on board and they’ve all got a fishing rod in hand.

With this in mind, Quintrex has built in heaps of underfloor storage to stow away all your tackle and gear which makes a huge difference when you’re out for the day.

Also available as a centre console setup, the Quintrex 550 Frontier is setup with features that fishermen will love including non-return scupper drainage, livebait tank, winch support mount, anchorwell with hatch, stainless steel rod holders, marine radio and side pockets.

And you will be sitting in comfort with three pedestal seats and a choice of four positions when you’re not throwing a line off the front casting deck.

The Apex hull on this Frontier measures 5.51m overall with a 2.31m beam and is rated to 140hp. With 4mm bottom sheets and 3mm side sheets and extruded side decks, this Quinnie is built to last.