Quintrex 540 Top Ender

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As soon as you eyeball the 540 Top Ender you’ll know what you are going to do with it. This Quintrex legend has made its mark amongst anglers all over Australia for its ability to fish anywhere. Whether you chase pelagics or head to remote creeks and estuaries, the 540 Top Ender is equipped.

With an overall length 5.61m and 2.30mm beam the 540 is rated to 140hp, so if you like to go long and wide and get there and home at top speed in comfort, this alloy fishing rig will take you.

The 540 Top Ender features the Quintrex Blade hull with flared sides, ensuring you and your mates will be dry and comfortable underway while also stable at rest, even if you cast a large shadow.

It has three pedestal seats and four seat positions so you can move around according to how and where you’re fishing and is rated to carry five people.

Other standard inclusions are cockpit lights, four stainless rod holders, side pockets, livebait tank and non-return scupper drainage system.

A tournament-style layout, popular with sport fishermen, the 540 Top Ender features a front casting platform and a side console unit, guaranteeing fishing area remains premium real estate.

It wouldn’t be a Quintrex unless there is ample underfloor storage for all your tackle and gear, live well and an extra seat spigot on the front deck along with an anchorwell.

You will know what you know but much more about fishing and boating after you’ve spent some time in a Top Ender. The 540 is perhaps the most versatile and capable rig in the entire Quintrex range. It really is just that good.