Quintrex 540 Sea Spirit

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540 Sea Spirit by Quintrex

Quintrex created the Sea Spirit range as the no-fuss and practical boat for young families entering the cuddy cabin market. It is also a great boat for anglers starting out on their boating and fishing adventures in the Bay.

With an overall length of 5.56m and a beamy 2.29m, the 540 Sea Spirit comes as standard with the variable deadrise Blade hull, famous in boating circles for providing the softest and driest ride of any aluminium boat on the market. 

Like all Sea Spirit models in the range the 540 features 3.00mm topsides and 4.00m bottom sides and extra-wide sides.
The Quintrex 540 Sea Spirit has a three-piece windscreen, making it an easy boat to move around on and plenty of access points even with 7 people on board.

Other features include grabrails forward and aft, pole mount insert for the family that likes to ski, aluminium side pockets and transducer brackets, and VHF marine radio as standard.
The cockpit is roomier with a more compact transom design and is fitted with twin helm seats and the folding rear lounge which can be removed when the 540 is out on the water for some serious fishing.

There are a number of options that can be included to personalise your Sea Spirit without paying for extras you don’t need. 
This Quinnie will be a memory maker for you and your family out on the water creating fishing adventures and family fun.


Quintrex 540 Sea Spirit Summary:

  • No-fuss and practical boat for young families
  • 3mm topsides and 4mm bottom sides
  • Extra-wide sides
  • Transducer brackets fitted
  • 3-piece windscreen for easy access to the front of the boat
  • Grabrails forward and aft
  • Fitted with twin helm seats
  • Removable folding rear lounge
  • Deadrise Blade hull


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