Quintrex 520 Ocean Spirit

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520 Ocean Spirit by Quintrex

As the name suggests the Ocean Spirit range from Quintrex has been built with ocean adventures in mind. The smallest model in the Ocean Spirit range, the 520, is no exception. It really is a versatile and tough alloy cuddy cabin ready for the whole family to have fun on the water.

With an overall length of 5.39m and a 2.21m beam, the 520 Ocean Spirit is rated to carry seven people, and with the famous Quintrex Blade hull with flared bow, it is likely to be the most comfortable and dry ride of any boat they’ve experienced.

Quintrex is committed to offering the best array of standard features in all their models to really make your entry into boating easy and affordable. The 520 Ocean Spirit is the perfect example with inclusions such as the non-return scupper drainage system, VHF marine radio, and moulded side panels to keep your gear safe and easy to access.

The cockpit area features a folding rear lounge while the rear ladder makes getting in and out of the boat a breeze, especially for the younger members of your crew.

The cabin, complete with cabin storage and cushions is a great place to rest and have a break and the cabin hatch gives ease of access to the anchor well when you have arrived at your fishing or snorkeling spot. With the 520 Ocean Spirit, you will be inspired to spend as many days as possible on the water with your family and your mates.

 With safety gear, accessory kit with nav lights, white light and bilge pump, and the Quintrex braked alloy trailer as part of the standard package, there’s nothing else to do. Ready, set, and gone cruising.


Quintrex 520 Ocean Spirit Summary:

  • Famous Quintrex Blade hull with flared bow
  • Comfortable and dry ride
  • Deck drainage system
  • High-quality VHF marine radio fitted
  • Moulded side panels for storage
  • Quintrex braked alloy trailer
  • Accessory kit with white light, nav lights, and bilge pump


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