Quintrex 530 Renegade SC

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Quintrex 530 Renegade Side Console

The Quintrex 530 Renegade Side Console has a wide following with buyers who are looking for a practical fishing rig that comes already set up with all the essentials you need to head out on the water and just start catching fish.

Like all the Renegade models the 530 SC comes as standard with the famous Quintrex Blade hull. This innovative hull has been designed by Quintrex from the ground up and is like no other aluminium boat. It promises to deliver a softer and drier ride while also being stable at rest - whether you have five people on board or you’re out for a spot of reef fishing on your own.

The Renegade 530 SC measures 5.55m overall with a 2.25m beam and the side console makes sure this space is all about ample room to fish and heaps of space for your gear.

Rated to a maximum 115hp with 95lt of fuel, the 530 Renegade comes as a fully equipped fishing package with inclusions such as a front and rear casting platform with Esky space beneath, plumbed live bait tank, anchor well, pedestal seats with four seat positions, bilge pump, marine battery and isolation switch. It also includes four-rod holders, side pockets, and the accessory kit which includes navigation lights and white light and safety gear.

The Renegade 530 Side Console from Quintrex takes the drive-away fishing rig to a whole new level. As thousands of boat owners agree, Quintrex got it right with the Renegade fishing family.

530 Renegade SC Summary:

  • Famous Blade Hull
  • 95 Litre built-in fuel tank
  • 4 seating positions
  • Pedestal seats
  • Anchor well and live bait tank