Quintrex 530 Freestyler

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530 Freestyler by Quintrex

The 530 Freestyler looks like a fun boat right? It’s an alloy bowrider and perfect for days of watersport, skiing, cruising. But it has the Apex hull design which gives it rough water capability. It also has raised side decks which increases the freeboard by 80mm. This increases the internal volume and improves the safety for the family.

With a maximum 5.33m length with a 2.28m beam the 530 Freestyler is rated to carry seven people and is rated to 140 horsepower.

The 530 is also is well equipped to switch duties if you are also a fisho. Many buyers use the front bow area as a casting platform with storage underneath.

It is well equipped for rough water with its 4mm transom and bottom sheets, 3mm top sheets. The 530 has a 95lt underfloor fuel tank that will take you anywhere you have in mind for you on water adventures.

The interior features a walk-through windscreen which provides easy access to the forward bow area and anchor well. Here is the lounge area with infill and heaps of storage underneath.

The 530 Freestyler comes as standard with two pedestal seats and the rear lounge at the back of the boat can be folded down to increase fishing space.

Other standard features include is a non-return scupper drainage system, pole mount insert, two stainless steel rod holders, moulded side panels, cockpit lights, and all your safety gear.

The 530 Freestyler from Quintrex looks like a boat made for fun but it has a tough underbelly making it a versatile and well-equipped rig for almost anything you can dream up.


Summary of this brilliant Quintrex Freestyler:

  • No-return drainage system
  • Walk-through windscreen for easy access to the bow
  • Rear lounge (folding) and 2 pedestal seats
  • 95 litre underfloor fuel tank
  • Strong construction with 3mm plate top sheets and 4mm for the transom and bottom sheets
  • Unique Apex hull


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