Quintrex 510 Hornet

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The largest in the Hornet range this 510 Hornet really is set up for both tournament and sport fishermen and recreation fishermen as well.

This Hornet has the hugely popular Quintrex Eclipse V-Flared hull with 4mm bottomsides with the Fighter Series pickle fork bow. It provides one of the smoothest driest rides of any boat and now the 510 also has a wider front casting platform and extra storage room.

The front casting platform on the 510 has heaps of storage areas for all your tournament tackle and gear, the anchorwell, room for twin batteries for your Minnkota plus room for an Esky or many anglers convert use this area to fit a killtank.

The rear casting platform on the 510 also has tackle box storage, marine battery and livebait tank.

The 510 measure 5.21m with a 2.1m beam and is rated to 130hp. It can take four people and comes standard with two pedestal and four seat positions.

The side console configuration makes it easy to move around the cockpit and provides additional dry storage and a slimline Quintrex unit that also has heaps of dahs space for your electronics.

Ideal for freshwater fishing in impoundments and estauries or sportfishing but with so many additional features, stability and value for money, it easily crosses over to the family boat buyer as well.