Quintrex 510 Frontier SC

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510 Frontier Side Console

Based on the hugely successful Top Ender range of aluminium open boats, the Quintrex Frontier hull features increased flared bottom sheet for greater water contact and a smoother ride.

The Apex design on the 510 Frontier Side Console creates improved performance when cornering and with its wider chine great stability while also creating more interior space for your family and all the gear. It measures 5.19m overall with is a beamy 2.30m wide.

With a maximum horsepower rating of 115hp, the 510 SC is built for fishermen and fisherwomen who love zipping around lakes and estuaries. With 3mm top sides and 4mm bottomsides you will be zipping in confidence, even with a family of five on board.

The side console design makes maximum use of the cockpit area to move around and fish or there are three pedestal seats and four seat positions as standard. The livebait tank is position on the back deck and there is 85lt of fuel under floor.

tandard inclusions on the 510 Frontier include fully welded top decks, stainless steel rod holders, transducer brackets, scupper drainage, anchor well hatch, carpeted floor, folding rear ladder and pole mount insert.

Quintrex 510 Frontier Side Console Summary:

  • 5.19m long with a 2.3m beam
  • 85 litre underfloor fuel tank
  • Side console setup allows for easy movement around the boat
  • 3mm topsides and 4mm bottom sheets
  • 115 horsepower rating
  • 3 pedestal seats and 4 seat posts
  • Live bait tank

The 510 Frontier Side Console is a capable and innovative hull design with all the features you’d expect from a Quintrex Side Console set up for fishing, but is also versatile enough to be a great family all-rounder. It’s what Quintrex does so well.