Quintrex 500 Fishabout

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Runabouts are such a popular option as all-rounders because of the roomy cockpit and open deck suitable for a range of on water activities. With the Quintrex 500 Fishabout it’s like you’re getting two boats in one.

It is well suited to fishing duties, but it also has the room and features to make it a wonderful boat for the family that likes cruising, exploring and water sports or any mixture of the above.

Measuring 5.14m with a comfortable 2.20m beam this 5m alloy runabout makes maximum use of available space with the forward position of the front windscreen which has a lean through dash and step so you can easily access the anchor. It also features the latest-design pod transom with two duckboards which is a Quintrex innovation that frees up more space in the cockpit.

This model comes standard with 77lt underfloor fueltank and is rated to 90hp with five people on board for the day out. Featuring the Quintrex Blade hull with flared hull the 500 Fishabout shares the same hull as the Top Ender range, giving it some serious choppy-water handling cred.

There are heaps of standard features, such as the bimini, rod holders, side pockets, two pedestal seats and folding rear lounge which deem the 500 Fishabout a real contender for taking the title as most versatile boat around.