Quintrex 481 Hornet

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Meet a fishing icon, the 481 Hornet from Quintrex. This alloy fishing icon made its name out on the on the estuaries and inshore fishing hotspots all over Australia with thousands of owners.

A complete update of the Hornet range a few years ago from Quintrex now sees it sporting the Fighter Series Eclipse V-Flared hull to give it an even smoother, drier ride and manoeuvrability even in confused seas. It also has the distinctive pickle fork-shaped bow for stability at rest especially when there a few mates on board casting from the front platform.

The front casting platform has ample storage for all your gear, and anchor and plenty of room for your Minnkota if you’re planning some slow trolling. The back deck on the 481 is also well-equipped for fishermen with a livebait tank, more storage for your tackle and a marine battery.

The carpeted cockpit on the 481 has lots of room with the side console layout, and additional lockable rod storage is a popular option. Measuring 5.13m in length with a 2.1m beam the 481 Hornet has smooth sides and extruded side decks, in addition to 3mm bottom sheets.

Seating is easy with two pedestal seats and four seat positions and there is a handy seat spigot on the front deck.

Rated to 90hp with 77lt of fuel underfloor, the 481 Hornet is one Quinnie that will continue on as an Australian icon with both recreational fishermen and competitive anglers.