Quintrex 450 Hornet

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For years the name Hornet is synonymous with freshwater and inshore fishing and this pocket rocket F450, the smallest in the Quintrex Hornet range, has proven ever-popular with bass and barra fisherman all over Australia.

Easy to launch and retrieve and stable at rest the 450 uses the famous Fighter Series Eclipse V-Flared hull so you can a expect smooth and steady ride in all conditions. This unique design has a forked-shaped bow offering stability at rest and it also increases the area of the front casting platform which is where you’ll find yourself flicking lures or casting in the Bay.

The front casting deck on this Quinnie legend has large storage areas underneath to fit all your tackle and gear and more, and the rear deck features a livebait tank, tackle box and marine battery with isolation switch.

The Hornet side console layout is very easy to use especially when fishing alone, while it also allows for extra room in the cockpit when there are four fishermen on board.

Other features on the 450 Hornet include extruded side decks, lockable rod strorage pockets, anchorwell, two pedestal seats and four seat positions and a 77lt sub floor fueltank.

The 450 Hornet measures 4.77m in length overall and has a 2.1m beam. It is rated to fish four people and has a horsepower rating of 75hp.

Standard inclusions are transducer brackets, accessory kit and safety gear for inshore waters.

The F450 Hornet is an easy to use and practical boat perfect for inshore waters of the Bay and exploring your favourite estuaries and impoundments.