Quintrex 440 Renegade TS

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Quintrex 440 Renegade Tiller Steer 

The 440 Renegade Tiller Steer from Quintrex is a well-priced and well-packaged fishing rig that is ready to go and catch your favourite fish without adding anything else to the standard package.

One of the most popular models in the Quintrex range of aluminium boats, it features a Blade hull, extruded side decks, pedestal seats with four seat positions, carpeted floor, and a roomy cockpit to fish 5 mates in comfort.

Other features of the 440 Renegade that fishermen love is the casting platform at front and rear, with ample storage underneath to stow your gear away.

It also has a live bait tank, anchor well, four-rod holders, and the tiller steer configuration means that all available space is available for fishing purposes on your favourite estuary or inshore haunt.

Measuring 4.6m overall, with a beamy 2.1 m this tinny has a maximum rating of 60hp. The 3.0 mm top and bottom sides give you peace of mind that you’re in a durable tinny that will take you wherever you need to go and home again - in comfort.

To top it off, the Quintrex famous Blade hull is a standard feature which means you will get the smoothest driest ride of any aluminium boat.

440 Renegade TS Summary:

  • Unique design blade hull
  • Extruded side decks
  • 4.6 metre overall length
  • 2.1 metre width
  • Live bait tank
  • 3mm plate hull and sides
  • Front and rear casting platform