Quintrex 430 Fishabout

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Being the smallest in the all-round Fishabout range is quite an achievement for this 430 alloy boat. This super popular Quintrex runabout is as suited for a family having fun on the water as it is for fishing with your buddies.

Like all the alloy boats in the range the 430 gets it smooth and dry ride credentials courtesy of the long tested Quintrex Blade hull, and with the latest design Flared bow, which now extends further down the side of the hull reducing spray even more.

The latest Fishabout line-up features a transom-mounted pod with duckboards on either side which provides more internal cockpit space. The lean through dash provides easy access to the bow.

The 430 Fishabout comes standard with a bimini, fully welded side decks, two transducer brackets and premium carpet as standard. And ticking off the features for versatility they also comes with rod holders, folding rear bench seat and side pockets.

Measuring 4.49m, the 430 has a maximum horsepower rating of 60hp and is an easy rig to launch and retrieve and store, making it practical to use as often as you want.

The 430 Fishabout makes the best use of the available space for fishing, watersports and cruising. That’s what a good all-round runabout does well.