Australia’s first 90HP Yamaha sold by Brisbane Yamaha!

Brisbane Yamaha are proud to announce Australia’s first F90HP outboard sold!

Brisbane Yamaha’s Paul McNaught and the happy owner of Australia’s first F90LA 4-Stroke, Nick, takes the outboard on the water for a test with some very good results. In nicks own words “Fantastic! Very happy!”.

The F90HP Outboard was rigged to a brand new Quintrex 510 Seaspirit Cuddy Cab. The test runs showed that the F90HP is a big improvement over the F80HP Yamaha with a lot more torque.
Paul reported that the holeshot of the engine was very impressive and that the boat got up on the plane very quickly.

Even with strong winds and choppy conditions, the F90HP performed very well with the Quintrex 510 Seaspirit and would only get better with a sports boat.

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The F90LA and F90XA is a welcomed addition to the Yamaha range and will be a favorite inclusion on many Brisbane Yamaha boat packages.
If you would like more information on the Yamaha F90LA or F90XA, call Brisbane Yamaha on 3888 1727.