The Quintrex Cruiseabout, is the perfect blend of compact design and versatile functionality. The 481 Cruiseabout in particular stands out as the most compact in the Cruiseabout range. Despite its size, it doesn’t compromise on power, offering the option to run the robust Yamaha F90 outboard motor. This makes it an ideal choice for families seeking both adventure and comfort on the water.
Understanding the diverse needs of a family, the Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout is ingeniously designed to cater to everyone – from the excitement of the kids to the relaxation sought by parents. The boat features flexible seating arrangements; you can enjoy the spacious seating up front for family conversations under the sun or convert it into a casting deck for those fishing adventures. This versatility ensures that every boat outing is memorable, packed with activities that everyone loves.

Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout

Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout

Do not let the compact size of the 481 Cruiseabout fool you. It is engineered to accommodate the Yamaha F90 outboard, a testament to reliability and longevity. This pairing guarantees power when you need it, and the efficiency that Yamaha outboards are renowned for. Whether cruising through calm waters or exploring new horizons, the 481 Cruiseabout with the Yamaha F90 ensures a seamless experience.

The specific model we have in stock elevates the aesthetics and comfort to new heights. Adorned in a striking maroon theme, it stands out on the water, making a statement wherever it goes. Additionally, it comes with upgraded seats, enhancing comfort during long hours on the water. Whether you’re lounging with family or heading out for a day of adventure, these enhancements make every journey more enjoyable.
Check out the video below of the 481 Cruiseabout for a walk through of the feature with Justin Kells. Justin explores the thoughtful design that makes this model a must-have for family fun on the water. Discover the perfect blend of compact convenience, power, and family-friendly design with the Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout. Visit us at Brisbane Yamaha to see this marvel in person, or contact us for more information. Let your family adventures begin with the Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout, and make every outing on the water an unforgettable experience.


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