Quintrex 590 Frontier CC

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The second largest in the top-selling Frontier fishing range, the 590 Frontier CC is about the extra space. It features raised side decks with an increased 80mm of freeboard while the centre console layout provides extra fishing room.

The 590 Frontier is built on the Apex hull which chews through rough water giving you a soft and dry ride while underway. The Apex design also delivers improved speed and grip when cornering and will be getting there fast as well.

With an overall length of 5.99m and a 2.35m beam, the 590 Frontier has 3mm topsides and 5mm bottom sides.

Standard features on the 590 Frontier include the anchorwell with hatch which provides another standing and stepping platform, a live bait tank and further storage in the front casting platform – large enough to take the Esky.

The centre console unit allows 360 degree fishing room making best use of the cockpit space. The unit itself has plenty of room for radio stereo, gauges and electronics.

This centre console is likely to become the best rig you’ve ever owned. And if it’s your first boat, you are lucky you found this first. It is a winning combination of performance, features and durability all wrapped up in an under 6m boat.