Quintrex 570 Territory Legend

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The Quintrex 590 Territory Legend emerges as a prime choice for boating enthusiasts, skillfully blending performance and versatility. This model, often sought after in online listings and widely recognized for its competitive prices, is a jewel in the Quintrex fleet. Its impressive length of 6.02 meters and a beam of 2.3 meters make it an ideal vessel for both serious anglers and family outings. The 590 Territory Legend is powered by a maximum of 150hp, delivering robust performance in diverse water conditions, a key selling point often highlighted in online for sale listings. This boat comfortably accommodates up to seven people, making it perfect for group fishing trips or leisurely family cruises. The underfloor 110L fuel tank and the strategic balance of a 650kg boat weight with a 255kg motor weight underscore its efficiency and stability, crucial for both inland and coastal water adventures.

In terms of features, the Quintrex 590 Territory Legend is richly appointed, catering to both practical needs and comfort. Its fishing-ready setup includes a rear console layout, four rod holders, and a live bait tank, all of which are frequently emphasized in for sale advertisements to attract fishing enthusiasts. Comfort is not overlooked, with the inclusion of a marine radio and carpeted plywood enhancing the onboard experience. Safety and ease of navigation are paramount, with the boat boasting scuppers, seat positions for six, and a Blade Hull design, ensuring a secure and smooth journey. The Quintrex 590 Territory Legend, with its blend of power, functionality, and comfort, stands out as a top contender in its class, appealing to a wide range of boating enthusiasts.

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