Quintrex 250 Explorer

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250 Explorer By Quintrex

The Quintrex Explorer tinnie range has long been recognised as an icon with freshwater anglers for many years as an affordable no-fuss tinnie that will remain the family favourite for years.
The latest models in the range are roomy, are easy to handle and like all models in the Quintrex range provide a stable and dry ride. The 250 Explorer, which the smallest in the car-topper family, is no exception.
With a new forked bow design, the Explorer range has wider chines which is designed to offer stability at rest, which is what you will appreciate when fishing the estuary or freshwater creeks.
The 250 is an all-rounder and a long-time best-seller in the Quintres tinnie range. It weighs 50kg and has an overall length of 2.6m with a 1.28m beam. Rated to 5hp with 1.6mm top and bottom sheets it is versatile as a tender and car topper to take on holidays with you and the kids. 
The open layout allows room to move and store your gear and features bench seats, transom handles, rowlock blocks, and a front deck. The aluminium hull is durable and can be painted as an option. There’s no doubt that anyway it comes it is going to be a winner in the family fishing stakes.


Quintrex 250 Explorer Summary:

  • Easy to handle and no-fuss tinnie
  • Great estuary and freshwater boat or can be used as a tender
  • Forked bow design
  • Weighing in at 50kg this tinnie is the smallest car topper available
  • Built-in bench seating
  • Constructed using 1.6mm top and bottom aluminium sheets
  • Wide chines offering good stability at rest


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