2 Stroke Outboards vs 4 Stroke Outboards – which is the best for my boat?

It is the question our team is asked every day here at Brisbane Yamaha and as Australia’s largest Yamaha Outboard and Quintrex dealer we are in a unique position to be able to answer.

The answer is Yamaha produces phenominal 2 stroke Outboard and 4 Stroke Outboards that are powerful, extremely well priced delivering you and your family a enjoyable boating experience every time you go out on the water.

As a brief summary, some of the benefits of each outboard are,

2 Stroke Outboards

Yamaha offers a comprehensive range of 2 Stroke Outboards which built their reputation
Great for the budget Operator
Snappier Hole Shot acceleration
Slightly lighter weight

4 Stroke Outboards

Great for fishing due to smooth idling
Minimal vibration
Great fuel economy
Very clean with low emissions

We thought you may like to view this great video put together by Yamaha Outboards Australia where Dan and Steve run through the key differences between 2 and 4 stroke Outboards in this case comparing the Yamaha 60 Horsepower engines.

Of course we are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have in regard to 4 stroke outboard and 2 stroke outboard prices and benefits, or if you would like to book a water test we have over 70 new boats in stock to choose from.

Our sales team are available on 07 3888 1727 or search our website for our range of 4 Stroke Outboards for sale including Yamaha Portable 4 Stroke Outboards, Yamaha Mid Range 4 Stroke Outboards and Yamaha Top of the Range 4 Stroke Outboards for sale.